Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Starts August 10

Keith Koffler
White House Dossier

Umm, that’s early.

The Boston Globe is reporting that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will land on Martha’s Vineyard August 10 and stay there until August 18. The girls are expected to be with them.

That’s not a lot of vacation by Obama standards. Traditional vacation time for Washingtonians is the last two weeks of August, through Labor Day. And the Obamas must certainly think they’re owed some vaca time since they had to skip the Vineyard last year because it would look bad to take a swank vacation while you’re criticizing your opponent for being down with the One Percent.

I would expect if they’re leaving the island August 18, it’s not to end their vacation, but to begin the second leg of it.

I mean, sheesh – eight days on Martha’s Vineyard? The whole thing will be over before you can say “clam chowder.”



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