Obama’s Plan African Family Trip… $60-$100 Million To Be Picked Up By You And I

Marooned in Marin

While many Americans won’t have much of a vacation again this summer (seen those fuel costs? airplane fares?), the Obamas are planning another exquisite adventure for which we’re picking up the tab…

…President Obama and his family will be going to Africa later this month. But the trip won’t be cheap; it’s expected to cost American taxpayers $60 to $100 million, according to the Washington Post.

“When President Obama makes his first extended trip to sub-Saharan Africa later this month, the federal agencies charged with keeping him safe won’t be taking any chances. Hundreds of U.S. Secret Service agents will be dispatched to secure facilities in Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. A Navy aircraft carrier or amphibious ship, with a fully staffed medical trauma center, will be stationed offshore in case of emergency,” reports the Post.

“Military cargo planes will airlift in 56 support vehicles, including 14 limousines and three trucks loaded with sheets of bullet-proof glass to cover the windows of the hotels where the first family will stay. Fighter jets will fly in shifts giving 24-hour coverage over the president’s airspace so they can intervene quickly if an errant plane gets too close.

“The extraordinary security provisions — which will cost the government tens of millions of dollars — are outlined in a confidential internal planning document obtained by The Washington Post….

…Meanwhile, Obama’s FEMA denied aid to West, TX, after the deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant killed 14, destroyed a school, other buildings and damaged roads…

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