Obama’s triple punch hits America in the gut after midterms

Ernest Istook
The Washington Times

No matter who wins or loses on Election Day, President Obama is ready with a big new push of his radical agenda the very next day. It includes a triple punch on immigration amnesty, higher health insurance costs and putting thousands of convicts back on the streets early.

Mr. Obama says his policies are on the ballot but there’s nothing democratic about his agenda. All of these are executive actions that would require heroic efforts by Congress to reverse. Every candidate and incumbent should reveal how they’ll fight against Mr. Obama’s triple whammy that will hit America in the gut between Nov. 5th and the end of this year.

The only thing holding Mr. Obama back has been his desire to avoid backlash at the polls against his fellow Democrats. So he has used his typical tactics of deception and propaganda, plus friendly media, to suppress public awareness…



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…According to health policy expert, Betsy McCaughey, “Most people still get their health insurance through an employer. Thirty million people could lose their on-the-job coverage this year and be forced into one of these exchanges.”…


Update: Mark Levin: Obama’s “Full Mussolini” is Going to Come Out After the Midterms (video)

Mark Levin was on Hannity tonight discussing the upcoming election and how Democrats and their statist policies will likely give Republicans a good day in a couple of weeks on election day. But he also points that while Republicans may have a good day, it could be a lot better if they weren’t so silent, trying not to make waves in order to win.

As far as Obama goes, Levin believes his “full Mussolini” is going to come out after the midterms as he attempts to do everything he couldn’t do before “with his pen and his phone”.



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