Obama’s Waiver for Bill Maher

We’re still waiting for the president to call to Sarah Palin.

Aaron Goldstein
The American Spectator

…It is no secret that Maher despises conservatives especially of the female variety. Nearly a year ago, Maher delighted both himself and his left-wing audiences when he called Sarah Palin “a dumb twat” and “a c–t” — words even harsher than the ones Rush used against Fluke.

Let us remember that Carney lambasted Limbaugh for being inappropriate towards Fluke because she is a “private citizen who was simply expressing her views on a matter of public policy.” Well, the last I checked Sarah Palin is a private citizen who expresses her views on public policy. Does the Obama Administration believe Palin should be afforded the same courtesy as Fluke? Do they believe what Maher said about Palin was inappropriate? Or does the Obama Administration believe that some points of view more equal than others?

Let us also remember that Axelrod wasn’t satisfied with Rush’s apology because what he said about Fluke “was not only vile and degrading to her, but to women across the country.” So does Axelrod also believe that Maher said things about Sarah Palin that “were not only vile and degrading to her, but to women across the country?”

Or has Bill Maher been granted a waiver by the Obama Administration…

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