Occupy support drops more than 20 points in … San Francisco?

Ed Morrissey

One would think that the Occupy movement and San Francisco were made for each other.  Perhaps at one time they were, but a new Survey USA poll shows that even the City by the Bay has its limits.  The poll of 500 adults in the San Francisco area — surely the most progressive-friendly poll sample ever taken — shows that almost half of those who supported the Occupy movement in general now have changed their minds.

The topline results break down thusly:

Supported/Still do: 32%
Supported/Now oppose: 26%
Opposed/Now support: 3%
Opposed/Still do: 31%
Not sure: 8%
According to this poll, Occupy support in the Bay area would have been 58/34 at one point.  Now it’s 35/57, which is a flip of 46 points in the gap.  Combining support and opposition numbers, Democrat support for Occupy is now 40/56, and even among self-professed liberals, where 27% have switched to opposition, it’s only 52/35.  Among San Francisco adults.  Note too that the movement has not gained converts in anything like the numbers they are alienating, which means that the longer they go, the weaker they are getting politically…

…In San Francisco.  Nancy Pelosi’s home turf.  The city that banned Happy Meals because parents were being held hostage by their children.  The mind boggles…

The entire article is at HotAir.com

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Van Jones promised back in November that the Occupy gang will put up over 2,000 candidates for election in 2012. After AIM’s Ben Johnson did some man-on-the-street pop quizzes in the south this past week, we sure hope they come through on Jones’ promise. Ladies and gentlemen: we present to you the fruits of public school social studies programs.

Update: White House Refuses to Condemn #Occupy Violence, Deaths and Mass Destruction (Video)

9 deaths, 5 found dead in tents, One found dead after 2 days
2 murders
Tens of millions of dollars in damages, layoffs, vandalism, law breaking
Multiple Rapes
Thousands of arrests
Public masturbation
Child molestation and baby abuse
strangled parents in a PT Cruiser

Also, Chris Matthews: I never said Tea Partiers were violent, but I meant it at the time. Or something

Update 2 Masked Occupiers attack NYPD with bottles during night time march. In solidarity with Oakland.

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