O’Keefe: More NPR Material ‘Coming Out Very Soon,’ Could Make Story Even ‘Bigger’

Katrina Trinko
National Review Online

For NPR, the public relations nightmare may have just begun: James O’Keefe is planning to release more of the interactions between his group, Project Veritas, and NPR employees.

“We’ve got more material coming out very soon that will shine more light on things,” O’Keefe tells National Review Online. “It’s going to cover after the lunch as well [as before the lunch].”

O’Keefe says he doesn’t know if the current video will result in a loss of federal funding for NPR. “It’s unclear. We have more material. It might even make it [the story] bigger.”

NPR spokeswoman Anna Christopher confirmed to National Review Online that there was interaction between O’Keefe’s employees and NPR employees before and after the videotaped lunch, saying that NPR requested “typical information that you would ask from any sort of non-profit charity that would be making a financial contribution of this size,” such as the non-profit’s board members and prior donor recipients.

The article continues at NRO.

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