On Day 938 Of His Presidency, Obama Says He’ll Have a Jobs Plan In a Month Or So When He Gets Back From Vacation…

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“Leadership in action” alert.

The President's 'Magical Misery Tour' bus. Click on the image to enlarge. Photo LA Times


…When in trouble, give a speech. Say, early September. Before all this Rick Perry 40% of the nation’s jobs come from Texas stuff really gets going.

The president has mentioned the plan often, despite widespread skepticism due to the lack of stimulus that came from spending $787 billion in stimulus money that was for sure going to hold national unemployment at 8%, but it’s now 9.1%.

So, perhaps another such plan might work…

…Because Obama wanted to hear from regular Americans, he’s encased in an armored Darth Vader bus with heavily-tinted windows so no one can see him looking out at regular Americans.

And as the commander-in-chief meanders through the Heartland in this black vehicle, the entire road in both directions is cleared of regular Americans for the president’s entourage and motorcade to pass by safely.

The bus is reported to cost about $1 million, which works out to about $333,000 per day for this foray among regular Americans…

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UpdateObama Tries to Spin Out of Responsibility

In one of the most galling attempts in history to politically reposition a failing presidency, President Barack Obama and his Hyde Park, Chicago Progressive machine handlers have launched a new propaganda campaign meant to absolve him of any blame where the failure of his administration is concerned. Instead the “Obamanation” is attempting to branding “Congress” and the “political system” as the culprits. Forget about hope and change. Forget about any dreams his Father may or may not have had. This is audacity at its most egregious…

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Update 2: Obama’s Bus Was Made in…Canada?

Obama: We Need to Get a Handle on Long Term Debt So We Can Pay for Jobs Programs Now at MichelleMalkin.com

Update 3: The ominous Obamabus–If Darth Vader traveled by bus, this is undoubtedly the one he’d choose… At Neo-neocon:

…One can’t help but think Obama was motivated by a desire to outdo Sarah Palin, but that conclusion would appear to be wrong: the million-dollar-plus bus was ordered by the Secret Service in July of 2010, a year ago…

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