'…one of the most demeaning, pejorative performances I’ve ever seen by any President…'

Obama “No Negotiation” press conference – LIVE (Update – will not pay ransom to Republican extremist extortionists)

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William A. Jacobson
Legal Insurrection

Press conference now over. If you missed it, you missed one of the most demeaning, pejorative performances I’ve ever seen by any President. I say “one of” because it’s possible there’s a more snide performance I’ve forgotten.

But today was memorable.

(Obama press conf. 10-8-2013 accusing Republican extremists of extortion and demanding ransom)

Just more of the eliminationist rhetoric about ransoms and extortion and so on. And with one exception, all of the questions were completely soft-ball…

Nile Gardner got the headline right (via Fuzzy):

President Obama throws a tantrum


…It is not surprising that Obama is seeking press coverage explaining why he will not negotiate, as Obama’s no-negotiation posture is hurting him, as even Jonathan Chait at New York Magazine recognizes…



Read the complete article at Legal Insurrection.



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A Reminder to MSM Viewers Watching Obama right now…

The only bi-partisan compromise votes that have taken place since the shutdown began originated in the house.

The only bi-partisian bills that are being held up are in the senate…



John Boehner Challenges Obama to Negotiate on Debt Limit: “Never been a President that Did Not Negotiate over Debt Limit. Never. Not Once”  



The Alinsky president has a press conference



Sowell: the inarticulate Republicans

…Boehner is not unique in having a blind spot when it comes to recognizing the importance of articulation and the need to put some serious time and effort into presenting your case in a way that people outside the Beltway would understand….



The Blaze:



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