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Special Initiatives
In addition to its long and short term programs, U.S. Programs occasionally undertakes special projects to take advantage of new opportunities or to address emerging threats to open society in the United States.

Current special initiatives include the work described below. Unless otherwise noted, proposals related to these initiaves are considered by invitation only.

“Seize the Day” Fund
The global economic crisis and recent changes in the U.S. political environment have elevated the risks and opportunities for building a better society in America. In order to ensure that the most critical work moves forward during this period, the Open Society Institute’s U.S. Programs created a special fund, known informally as the “Seize the Day” Fund, to provide timely support for efforts to:

-advance the most challenging issues—including mass incarceration, immigration, drug policy, and structural inequality—as part of a transformative national agenda;

-ensure transparency, accountability, and equity in the development and implementation of economic recovery plans…

Readers can explore the website for themselves.

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