Operation: Can You Hear Us Now?

A new conservative grassroots effort has formed to challenge mainstream media. They have a presence on Facebook and are planning protest events around the country in October.

Website operationcanyouhearusnow.com

Company Overview: marchonmedia@gmail.com

We’ve packed town hall meetings, local tea party events and even Washington D.C. But you wouldn’t know it if you were home reading and watching “mainstream media”. They obviously need our help.

Join Operation: Can You Hear Us Now? and help make sure the media hears our voices.

Mission: Click on the NOTES box for info on adding events.
Click on the DISCUSSION box to coordinate and discuss Products:

Step 1: Find your local event from the “events” box and RSVP. (if you don’t see an event from your area, start one by emailing marchonmedia@gmail.com)

Step 2: Invite all of your local contacts from the event page.

Step 3: Participate! Plan a march on media for October 17th. Identify and target local left-wing media outlets.

Step 4: Use your 1st Amendment Rights. Meet up with your local marchers and march on your target. Make sure you are on public property. Bring your signs, banners and voices to the event.

Step 5: Turn on your TV or check the web when you get home and see if they (finally) saw you!

Important: Be respectful and peaceful – but let them HEAR and See you. If you are asked to leave by the police – then leave. They have a job to do.

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