Operation Jade Helm Is Nothing To Be Concerned About. But…

…Americans’ Distrust in Obama Is.

Kurt Schlichter
The Journal

…The concern of millions of Americans over an innocuous exercise reflects not on them but upon our President. It’s on him that people absolutely believe that he would, if he could, use the military to strip them of their liberties. And it’s not irrational in light of his actions.

Barack Obama has chosen to use executive orders to ignore the will of the American people’s elected representatives in Congress. His IRS targets conservative Americans. The misnamed Department of Justice lets his allies skate, like the tax dodging Al Sharpton – hell, like pretty much everybody on MSNBC. Is there anyone who think Hillary Clinton won’t get away with brazenly breaking government records and influence peddling laws? Yet somehow, the DoJ found the time and resources to persecute conservative Dinesh D’Souza for a paltry $20,000 campaign contribution to a failed Senate candidate, an act that shouldn’t even be against the law in the first place.

To the extent Americans distrust our federal government, it is absolutely the fault of Barack Obama and a mainstream media that willingly enables his gross violations of our laws, norms and customs…



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