Opposition to Senate immigration bill grows

Mike Flynn
Big Goverment
10 Jun 2013

On Tuesday, the Senate will begin floor consideration of the Rubio-Schumer immigration bill. Senators will vote on a “motion to proceed,” which would allow formal debate on the legislation and the consideration of amendments. One PAC, Americans for Legal Immigration, is threatening to find primary challengers for any Republican Senator who votes in favor of the motion. The move is the latest activism from conservatives organizations against the amnesty bill.

The “motion to proceed” will likely succeed. Voting to proceed to the bill does not guarantee support for final passage, however. Once the Senate is “on” the bill Tuesday, there will be a few weeks of debate and consideration of amendments. Sen. Cornyn is drafting an amendment to tighten the border security provisions in the bill. Sen. Rubio, a lead negotiator of the bill, has stated publicly that these provisions need to be strengthened to secure passage. It is entirely possible that Senators will vote to proceed to the bill and then oppose final passage, especially if border security isn’t improved.

Sometime before the July 4th recess, Senate Majority Leader Reid will move to close off debate and have a final vote on passage of the bill. This is when opponents of the bill will mount their filibuster challenge to the legislation. With 4 GOP negotiators behind the bill, Reid is close to the 60 votes he needs for passage. The growing opposition, however, could cause headaches for Democrats up for reelection in 2014…

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