Opulent homes of ‘the 99 percent’

Gracie Ferrell and Meg Gasvoda
The Daily Caller

Representatives of “the 99 percent” have been camping out in lower Manhattan to protest economic inequality since late September, but the riches on display at some of their home addresses clearly came from “1 percent” families.

We searched Google Maps and the real estate Multiple Listing Service for the home addresses police collected during the arrests of less-than-law-abiding New York City “occupiers,” and found dream homes aplenty. These opulent houses include in-ground swimming pools, manicured lawns, and golf course access.

Frustrated with the rich? Tell a protester. Isn’t life rough?

The slide show of homes is at The Daily Caller.

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Update“Occupy Wall Street is no longer a protest”

So says a policeman speaking about the nightly violence and mayhem at Zuccotti Square and its surroundings…

…And it’s not just in New York. Instapundit has a round-up of links to what America would look like, if we let it.

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