#OWS Letter to the Editor in USA Today: We Will Storm Wall Street With Guns

Ben Shapiro
Big Journalism

Over at USA Today, a self-employed massage therapist from Austin, TX has a letter to the editor responding to an editorial suggesting that Occupy Wall Street has lost its way.

Here’s what this fellow wrote:

USA TODAY’s editorial is right to say that Occupy might lack clear goals on how to move forward, but the movement has accomplished its main original goal: to protest these injustices, not by simply holding a rally and going home, but by keeping the rally going to underscore the seriousness of this problem. Your piece accuses the protesters of sitting around and doing nothing. So maybe they should take up their Second Amendment-sanctioned guns and storm Wall Street and our nation’s capitals. If our country doesn’t change, it could very well come to that one day.

Notice the language here. Rich Latta, the author, threatens outright to head to Wall Street with firearms. Janet Napolitano, where are you? He says they out to head to Washington, D.C. packing heat. Secret Service, you’re being paged…

The article continues at Big Journalism.

In the comments section:

It appears our friend Rich has a nice little public profile on Amazon. (Google is awesome) http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A19YHEBK099R…

His interests are as follows…

“My personal obsession concerns exposing the fallicy and harm of deity-based religions. I believe our world can never hope to find peace until these religions are exposed and refuted by a courageous, truth-seeking public. In the meantime, I write music reviews for my own amusement to stay in practice when I’m not writing creatively.”

This guy couldn’t be more of a stereotype if he tried.

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