Panetta Gets Earful From Netanyahu and Barak on Iran

Wolf Blitzer, Call Your Office

Joel B. Pollak
Big Peace
2 Aug 2012

Israeli politicians know how to play along with the liberal American media, but when it comes to national security, they don’t pull any punches. A day after delighting the Obama campaign by praising the president’s cooperation with Israel, Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak told U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta that Obama’s policy of sanctions was not stopping Iran’s nuclear problem. Yesterday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went further, publicly challenging Panetta on the Obama administration’s foot-dragging on Iran.

The Wall Street Journal describes the scene that unfolded as Netanyahu challenged Panetta to go beyond Obama’s rhetoric and commit to a more serious course of action…

…The public split between Israel and the United States–mirroring the split between Obama’s words and deeds–burst into the open again, contradicting the evident attempt by the American media to cover for Obama (even the Wall Street Journal headline obscures the truth: “U.S. Reassures Israel on Iran Plans”)…

Read the entire article at Big Peace.

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