Pat Caddell: Country Closer to Revolution Than Ever

Dan Riehl
Big Government
17 Dec 2015

Veteran pollster Pat Caddell says he agrees with the premise that America today is closer to another revolution than at any time in recent history, adding, “The strength of this country comes from its people and it has a political system that is run, now, to the exclusion of its people … you have three quarters of the American people saying the government in Washington does not rule with the consent of the governed.”

Caddell told Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon that the current $1.1 trillion 2,000-plus page omnibus bill is “the greatest disaster anyone ever saw because of the deals being cut.”

Caddell cited elements of the bill that are still being discovered, such as the upping of the number of foreign visas. Caddell was referring to a provision that was outrageously “slipped into the bill” without the knowledge of many lawmakers…

…“If Donald Trump wants to seal his victory, all he has to do is stand up and attack McConnell and Ryan and what they’ve just done.”

Caddell also blasted the GOP saying, “They think their base is stupid.”…


The complete article, with audio of the entire interview, is at Big Government.



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Renowned pollster explains why he thinks revolution is in the air at the Freedom Center’s Restoration Weekend.



Update: Limbaugh: GOP Sells America Down the River

…Jeff Sessions, senator from Alabama, is calling this a betrayal, fully funding the Obama immigration agenda, the climate change agenda, increasing foreign workers. He said, “This is why Trump is now triumphing here and probably will win. The voters have come to believe that their own party’s elites are not only uninterested in defending their interests, but — as with this legislation and fast tracking the president’s international trade deal — Republican voters would not be wrong to conclude that their own Republican leaders are hostile to them, just as Democrat leaders are hostile to Republican voters.”

And as Sessions points out, “This legislation represents a further disenfranchisement of the American voter.” Clearly! In the last two midterm elections, the American electorate has stood up and loudly stated, ‘No. We don’t want this. Stop this.”  It didn’t matter.  It’s so bad that over at they’re making excuses for Paul Ryan.  I think in some places in the left-wing media, they can’t believe the scope of the betrayal.  They’re feeling a little guilty at how easy this has been…



Update 2: BETRAYAL: Congress Slams Knife Into Back Of Middle Class America – AGAIN.

…This is not legislation – this is self-mutilation…





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