Pat Caddell Exposes Anti-Fox News Author’s ‘Lazy,’ ‘Clueless’ Reporting

Celia Begelow
Big Journalism
1 Apr 2013

Fox News Contributor and Democratic pollster Pat Caddell wrote a scathing editorial over the weekend exposing Gabriel Sherman, author of a forthcoming hatchet-job biography smearing Roger Ailes and Fox News, for “lazy” and “inaccurate” reporting.

At one point, Caddell even accuses Sherman of being too “obtuse” to use a Google search for basic research.

What has Caddell fired up, and why does he care about the little-known author?

Sherman has been awarded a well-paid fellowship from New America Foundation (a George Soros-backed organization) to write his anti-Ailes biography; as a part of the research, he’s reportedy been calling, emailing, tweeting, and emailing numerous employees and associates of Fox News.

Thus far, Sherman has been denied access to Fox News employees and Ailes–leaving him few sources for his book. Instead, Sherman has been allegedly “stalking” Beth Ailes (Roger Ailes’ wife) and tweeting random Fox employees.

Here’s where Caddell comes in…


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