‘People Are Fearful’: Vicar of Baghdad Speaks Out as ISIS Nears Capital

The Kelly File

ISIS has reportedly advanced to the outskirts of Baghdad, and the Department of Defense is acknowledging that the terror group could be within five miles of the Iraqi capital.

Vicar of Baghdad Canon Andrew White yesterday posted an SOS on Facebook, saying, “The Islamic State are on the verge of entering Baghdad. All the military airstrikes are doing nothing. If we ever needed your prayer, it is now.”

Megyn Kelly spoke to White earlier to discuss the situation in Baghdad.

“People are fearful of what is going to happen,” he told her…

…White also asked one of the soldiers protecting him what he would do if ISIS came toward him. He said he would take off his uniform, so White asked him why he is a soldier, and he said it’s because he needs the money.

“How can you put your complete trust in an army who responds like that?” he asked.



The entire article, with video, is at FoxNewsInsider.com


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