Perry Grand Juror is Democratic Party Activist, Sought Out a Grand Jury Witness While Serving

Erick Erickson

Media Trackers has the scoop. A grand juror in the Rick Perry grand jury is not only a Democratic activist, but was active in the party while on the grand jury.

Rho Chalmers, who disclosed to the Houston Chronicle yesterday that she was a member of the grand jury that indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry, was an active delegate to the Texas Democratic Party convention during grand jury proceedings. Chalmers’ active participation in Democratic state politics is important because she claimed yesterday to the Houston Chronicle that her decision to indict Perry, a Republican, was not based on politics.

In fact, Chalmers participated in a Democratic Party event while serving on the grand jury…



The article continues at RedState.


Update:   Grand jurors who indicted Rick Perry break law, violate secrecy of proceedings

…Chalmers and Bessin are unambiguously in violation of the law, and if they are not prosecuted, it will be another indication that the Travis County prosecutors office cannot be trusted…



Update 2:   Rick Perry’s Indictment Is an Outrage

…I defy anyone to watch these videos of Lehmberg’s conduct and tell us with a straight face that she shouldn’t have been expelled from this office immediately. I question anyone who would feel comfortable with a person of that character holding such a position. Is nothing sacred anymore?…



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