Peshawar school attack: Taliban ‘burn teacher alive in front of pupils and behead children’

Lianna Brinded
International Business Times



The entire article is at International Business Times.

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The Taliban outdoes even the Islamic State in its latest atrocity extravaganza. In deploring the attack, the president conveniently omits mention of the group he led the U.S. in surrender to…


Obama Releases 2nd in Command of Pakistani Taliban

…United States officials handed over three Pakistani prisoners to Islamabad on Sunday, one of whom is a senior Taliban commander long sought after by the Pakistani government, security officials said.

Though the US did not identify the detainees, Pakistani sources say the Taliban commander is Latif Mehsud (pictured above), former number two commander in the Pakistani Taliban and close aid of Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud, who was killed in a US drone strike last year…



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