Phony call to Governor Scott wasn’t just a prank…

Phony David Koch Call Wasn’t Just A Prank, It May Have Been Identity Theft

William A. Jacobson
Legal Insurrection

A pro-union blogger impersonated David Koch in order to get through to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.  The blogger, pretending to be Koch, made numerous inflammatory and outrageous comments hoping to get a reaction from Walker.  The blogger recorded the phone call, and then released the phone call, causing a political firestorm directed at both Walker and Koch.

While anti-Koch and anti-Walker activists cheered the prank, there is a serious argument to be made that the “prank” was a crime under Wisconsin law.

Wisconsin law protects the “personal identifying information” of individuals.  The term is broadly defined, and includes a person’s name…

…Instead, the Madison Police Chief wants an investigation of Gov. Walker, even though there were no statements made by Walker which could constitute a crime.  If the Madison Police Chief wants someone and something to investigate, it is not Gov. Walker.

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