Poland to draw red line on EU climate change targets

PM Kopacz says she has told the European Council president in Brussels that Poland would not accept new EU climate change policies if they cause a rise in energy prices.

via TheNews.pl
7 Oct 2014

Speaking after a meeting with Herman van Rompuy during her first trip abroad as prime minister of Poland, Ewa Kopacz told journalists that during the talks on Monday she laid out the “expectations of the Polish government at the European Council meeting [on 23 October]”.

The October summit will try and reach a consensus on CO2 emissions policy ahead of next year’s UN Climate Change Conference in Paris.

In July, the European Commission proposed reducing the EU’s energy use by 30 percent by 2030, though individual member states would be able to decide whether to opt in to the targets.

Last week PM Kopacz said that Poland could use a veto on any proposal that would cause electricity prices to rise for consumers.

“Poles will not lose out when it comes to electricity prices,” she said in Brussels.

Poland has an economy heavily dependant on coal, the consumption of which increased last year…



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