Politico Fires a Shot Across Obama’s Bow with ‘Egotistical, Selfish, Dull’ Headline

At rallies, Mr. Obama seldom urges supporters to volunteer – or even vote – for other Democrats running for office. Sometimes, he mentions other politicians in the room without noting that they are seeking re-election. He rarely shares the stage with other candidates


Jeff Emanuel

Under the improbable headline “Media: Obama is egotistical, selfish, dull,” Politico‘s Dylan Byers noted Monday that over the Labor Day weekend, “major media outlets…lobb[ed] five high-profile bombs at the incumbent.” The article itself isn’t as noteworthy as the title, which is particularly eye-catching from a political publication whose left-leaning orientation is well known.

The examples Byers points to come from the New York Times, the Washington Post, HuffPo, the Wall Street Journal, and his own Politico. Let’s take a quick look at them – and at the laughter that a senior campaign official offered in response.

The Politico piece is interesting in its classification of Obama as little more than a “conventional” politician, though its focus – on Obama’s failure to preside over “what Robert Frost at Kennedy’s inaugural called a ‘golden age of poetry and power,’ with artists and intellectuals prominent among the first family’s friends and the Georgetown social scene regularly enlivened with the presence of a young and outgoing couple – is trite and tired at best. As may be expected, it showcases quotes that excuse Obama’s failure to present himself as a luminary by denigrating the president’s political opposition and Americans as a whole…

…as we see nearly every time a Democrat candidate or president is being discussed, it’s the rest of America’s fault for not understanding and appreciating just how much smarter, more urbane, and simply cooler [insert Democrat’s name here] is than they are…

The complete article is at RedState.

Also at the site,   Press Gripe About ‘Joyless’ 2012 Campaign, Lament that it’s ‘Impossible for us to Change the Conversation’

…That inability to control the narrative – “to change the conversation” – has largely come about as a result of alternative media, and has been a great concern of many in the media. Alternative media, like blogs and twitter, have helped people communicate both faster than, and without the narrative-guiding “assistance” of, the old-school media establishment. One result of this is that information that the MSM did not want to provide can get to the people anyway — something that was nearly unthinkable only a few years ago…

Read the whole thing!

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Update 2: Is Barack Obama a Democratic Richard Nixon?

So speculates David Gelernter in the National Review, writing: No president has seemed this dead to moral imperatives since Nixon at the height of Watergate.  . . . .


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