Poll: Majority recognize common sense, realize Keystone XL is a fake controversy

Erika Johnsen
Hot Air

By my last count, we’re now somewhere in the “March 2014″-ish territory for the date by which the Obama administration will finally-maybe-possibly-probably-not deliver their final review of and ultimate verdict on the Keystone XL pipeline, the northern extension of the already-constructed Keystone pipeline that will ship oil sands from Canada (as well as oil-and-gas products from North Dakota!) to refineries on our southern coast. The project’s crossing of international boundaries means that it falls under the jurisdiction of the State Department, and the Obama administration has now been “reviewing” the project for nigh on five years while the self-titled environmentalist movement has been trying their darndest to transform the issue into the End-All, Be-All Climate-Change Flashpoint Of Our Time.

While wealthy progressive donors and eco-lobbyists galore have glommed on to effort, the general public at large hasn’t been quite as galvanized by their hysterical and misleading claims about the pipeline’s impact, as the latest poll on the subject confirms yet again…

…the message here is that the Keystone XL pipeline is absolutely not the large-scale controversy environmentalists want it to be, and that the United States & Friends are undergoing an energy boom for which we need to allow the private sector to provide the adequate infrastructure, and soon. The pipeline method of transport is much greener and safer than the alternate methods now being employed in the pipeline’s absence…


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