Post-Constitution America: Night of the “Living” Dead

Diane Alden
The Moral Liberal

This article was first published in on March 23, 2000.

…there is nothing in the Constitution calling for the “separation of church and state.” That is a doctrine that comes from the courts. But everyone from politicians to reporters to the ignorant citizen keeps on repeating that fallacy as if it were the truth.

During the primaries, a young female reporter queried presidential aspirant Alan Keyes regarding his stance toward the constitutional question of “separation of church and state.” Keyes admonished the reporter to show him where there was such a statement in the Constitution. Of course she was silent because there is no such right or separation. There is only the fact that freedom of religion is specified in the First Amendment, not freedom from religion. The federal courts invented the notion of “separation of church and state.” Just as the federal courts once invented the notions which upheld slavery and the Jim Crow laws.

We now have a right to be free from cigarette smoke, a right for the spotted owl to take precedence over the rights of man, a right not to be subjected to prayer in public places, a right to ban prayer in public places, a right to take the life of an unborn and a right to ban free speech by disallowing an unpopular group’s right to assemble using the RICO laws.

But the greatest right of all, the real driving energy for expanding government is the right to be protected from all risk and misfortune. The original notion that government is there to protect us from government is dead. But then the phrase in the Bill of Rights and Constitution “shall not be infringed” is not part of the lexicon of the collectivists and expanders of government. They only apply that notion to those amendments of which they approve.

Statists, collectivists and the left need to take heed: when their power and influence are lost and a truly evil form of government arises, there will be no document around in any meaningful form to run to as a last resort — since crucial rights have been dropped and replaced with one form of license or another…

…U.S. citizens have been dumbed-down by years of collectivist drivel taught in schools. Forced into feeling rather than thinking, Americans are at a crossroads. We have become “tolerant” instead of judicious and fair; inclusive instead of discerning; filled with self-esteem instead of intelligence and wisdom.

The citizens of the United States are accepting the death of the Constitution through corrupted language and devious and inhumane pressure to conform. They are accepting it because they are ignorant and apathetic and have replaced it with faux freedoms and political correctness.

As Charlton Heston said not long ago, “political correctness is tyranny with manners.” Individuals now have labels applied such as “mean-spirited,” “racist,” “bigoted,” “cruel” or “anti-environment” or whatever terms are used by the mindless collectivist folly of the moment.

The favored “rights” of the left have expanded while true liberty as contained in the Declaration and Bill of Rights are considered dangerous aberrations…

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