Prince Harry Honours US War Dead At Arlington

Prince Harry, on a seven-day tour of the US, pays his respects to servicemen and women who fought and died for the country.


The prince salutes a wreath laid at the gravestone of a US soldier

The prince salutes a wreath laid at the gravestone of a US soldier


Sky News
10 May 2013

Prince Harry has honoured America’s war dead with floral tributes at a Washington cemetery commemorating the country’s fallen heroes.

The Prince, who has served twice in Afghanistan, was take around some of Arlington National Cemetery’s 70 sections where 330,000 military casualties from the US civil war to Afghanistan are buried.

At the cemetery’s Section 60 – where US troops who have been killed in recent conflicts like Iraq and Afghanistan are buried – Harry laid a wreath.

He placed it with a hand-written personal note next to the gravestone of 21-year-old Michael L Stansberry Jr, who was killed in Afghanistan on July 2010 by an improvised explosive device while on foot patrol.

It read: “To my comrades in arms of the United States of America, who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of freedom.”

After placing the wreath, the Prince stood to attention and saluted the grave.

It appeared a sombre and poignant moment for the Apache co-pilot gunner, acutely aware of the sacrifices made in battle…

…The Prince, a Captain in the British Army, wearing his Household Cavalry’s Blues and Royals No 1 dress uniform and the light blue beret of the Army Air Corps, then walked alone through the rows of headstones, pausing several times to read individual inscriptions…


The complete article, with additional photos, is at Sky News.


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