Prince urges British families to ‘snub the bathtub’

One must take shorter showers, says Charles: Prince urges British families to ‘snub the bathtub’

Fay Schlesinger
The Daily Mail
19 August 2010

Prince Charles has told British families to take shorter showers to help protect the environment.

The instruction came at the end of a list of 20 lifestyle changes recommended by the Prince of Wales for his new green campaign, Start.

In separate advice endorsed by the Prince, he was more detailed – urging people to give up baths in favour of ‘short, refreshing’ five minute showers.

His campaign website reads: ‘Snub the tub. If everybody in a four-person family replaced one bath a week with a five-minute shower, you could save between £5 and £15 [$23.50] per year off your energy bill.’…

…A spokesman simply said: ‘The Prince of Wales does the vast majority of the things on the list.’ His other ideas for small steps to save the planet include ‘loving your leftovers’, holidaying closer to home and reusing ‘what can’t be recycled, such as paint tins’.

The Prince launched the Start campaign last month, telling the British public that we must all do more.

He said: ‘We must all strive, harder than ever before, to convince people that by living sustainably we will improve our quality of life and our health and by valuing nature’s resources properly, we will secure all our futures.’…

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