Progressives planning intense assault on Constitution

Anthony Martin
Conservative Examiner

Since the Presidential campaign of 2008 conservatives have complained that the U.S. Constitution has been under assault by progressives who view the document as a roadblock to the implementation of their goals. Obama stated that the Constitution is flawed because it restricts government power to encroach on the individual rights of citizens, and that a corrective is needed to positively state what the government can do.

In the years since Obama was elected, this criticism of the Constitution has morphed into a full frontal assault…

…The docrines of ‘enumerated powers’ and ‘checks and balances between the 3 equal branches of government’ have been thrown out the window as the Executive Branch has seized unprecedented power through ‘executive orders’ that bypass the necessary approval of Congress. And all of this was done with the tacit approval of a Congress dominated by Democrats who gave Obama anything he wanted, including abdicating their responsibility to provide oversight to the Executive Branch…

…is there a broad-based progressive plan to subvert the U.S. Constitution by changing the definition of words so that the meaning becomes something entirely different than the original intent of the Framers?

And that answer would be yes.

It is called ‘The Constitution in 2020.’ Among the goals of this consortium of leftwing law schools and legal experts is to broaden the definition of individual freedom to include social and economic freedom. Those who adhere to Obama’s view of a flawed Constitution believe that one of its ‘glaring oversights’ is the failure to address economic and social justice, i.e., the redistribution of wealth…

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In today’s Conservative Examiner, Anthony Martin explains what progressives have planned for Americans and our Constitution in his article, ‘Constitution 2020’–a blueprint for tyranny?

Yesterday’s article focused on the threat to the Constitution posed by progressives who have launched a new initiative entitled, ‘The Constitution in 2020.’  A new book by the same name, along with its companion website,,  contains the progressive vision for the future of the U.S. Constitution in matters related to individual rights, citizenship, the southern border, ‘personhood,’ and a curiously-worded question, ‘Who “counts” as American?’ and, ‘What kind of law “counts” as American?’…

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