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Mark Steyn and the curious case of Burkina Faso
Friday, September 25, 2009

Mark Steyn speaking on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show [Updated]:

HH: “Mark Steyn, I think Obama laid down the leadership of the West yesterday, but I think Netanyahu picked it up today.”

MS: “Yes, I think he did. At a certain level, it is pathetic that in the Year 2009, a prime minister [of Israel] has to stand at the podium of the United Nations general assembly, and hold up documentary proof of the Holocaust, because we all know for one thing that Ahmadinejad and Co. aren’t interested in documentary proof. There’s plenty…or even in many human beings walking around the planet with those concentration camp numbers on their wrists. But the fact that a prime minister has to stand at the podium and hold up documentary proof of the Holocaust testifies to what a diseased institution the United Nations is. The reality is that whatever it was in its founding in 1948, it is a very different creature now. And I am embarrassed and ashamed by what the president of the United States said yesterday, compared to what this prime minister said today…”

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