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via Michelle Malkin

via Michelle Malkin

“…We’ve been seeing a lot of people, across a wide spectrum, who consistently feel the current White House and Socialist-Democrats in office nationwide will manufacture a crisis that allows Obama to declare martial law and suspend November’s elections, declaring himself Lightbringer and, essentially, Pharaoh…

“…it’s fascinating to us that so many — and we bet the numbers in the millions — people believe Obama’s capable of doing something like this.

“That says an awful lot about this president, and the political trouble Democrats are really and truly in.

“If the public believes you are so corrupt, un-American, untrustworthy, and vainglorious that it’s plausible you could institute martial law after manufacturing a crisis to essentially pull a Reichstag fire putsch on American soil, then you have serious credibility and electoral problems.

“No amount of hopey-changey posters are going to resolve this…”

HillBuzz.org, 2 May 2010
Will Obama manufacture crisis to stay in power?

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