Quote of the day–distraction, distraction, distraction

15 June 2012

“Mr President, why do you favor foreign workers over Americans?”

~Journalist Neil Munro
The Daily Caller
shouted during Obama’s DREAM Act announcement today in the Rose Garden

Photo via The Federalist Papers on Facebook

In his own words: Neil Munro shares with The DC’s Nicholas Ballasy his thoughts on today’s events.

CAJ noteDon’t let MSM distract you. Neil Munro isn’t the story–just like Congressman Joe Wilson wasn’t back in September 2009 after President Obama denied the health plan would cover illegal immigrants.  A crippled economy, massive unemployment or under-employment, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and a President who by-passed Congress and our Constitution (again)…these are the real issues. Neil Munro is simply a distraction who’s another unfortunate victim of the Alinsky treatment from the left.

Update: At Legal Insurrection it is noted that NBC has been giving Neil Munro’s question more coverage than Operation Fast and Furious.

Update 2: Obama and amnesty

…The distraction of the Daily Caller reporter interrupting the president was an amusing sidelight. Had Obama demonstrated humor and a benign manner, it might have been a good moment for him. Instead, he showed anger and the incident will probably lead to more interruptions as it seems to be the only way to ask this president a question.

Read the whole thing.

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