Quotes that make you say, ‘hmmm’

9 June 2012

The oddest two things we’ve read lately, though one actually offers a glimmer of hope.

Wall Photos
Michelle Obama
May 25, 2012

“Twenty years later, she still gives pretty great hugs.”

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Our Word Boss found that photo on Facebook. He wrote, “I wonder why he’s looking so pissed off…”

Me: Odd photo.

Word Boss: If you had a picture of [self and Significant Other], with [Other] looking like that, would you put it on your Facebook page?

Me: No. She is definitely seems more into him than the other way ’round. Why would a woman broadcast that?

And why is she gloating about herself in the 3rd person? Isn’t that kind of weird, too?

Then we saw this:

Chris Matthews–Obama’s Not Happy in White House: ‘I Hear Stories That You Will Not Believe’

[Well, frankly, Chris, we might. We amuse ourselves with The Ulsterman Report from time to time.]

…“Don’t you feel, I think everybody feels an absence of communication from the time he’s been elected. And it’s not about not being left-wing enough or too left. That’s not his problem. It’s connection. And Mrs. Obama, she’s an amazing asset. And what has she done? Obesity? How about connecting with the American people about being Americans? I don‘t think she’s, I don‘t think she’s happy. I don’t think they like being in the White House. The American people can tell that. They don’t seem thrilled at the fact the American people have selected them as our first family. I don’t sense the gratitude, the happiness level, the thrill of being president. Bill Clinton loved being president every minute and you knew it.”…

Ka-ching! Money quote of the week. Read the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama Goes On Campaign Trail

Update: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Rails against Obama’s “Pissant” Tactics to try and get Re-Elected – Video 6/7/12

Update 2: via ReFounders

Sort emphasizes Chris Matthews’ earlier point, doesn’t it?

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