Rand Paul: Federal Government Has Become ‘Enormous Monster With Tentacles Into Every Aspect of Your Life’

Matthew Boyle
Big Government
21 Feb 2015

MONTGOMERY, Alabama — Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), a likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate, fired up a nearly two-thousand-strong crowd with a keynote speech to the Alabama Republican Party’s Winter Dinner on Friday night, right before the White House hopeful makes a swing through South Florida…

…“I have good news and bad news: The good news is your government is open,” Paul said. “The bad news is your government is open. You remember there was this shutdown about a year ago and in Washington everyone was clamoring, everyone was worried. I went home to Kentucky and you know what they said: ‘Why in the hell did you open it back up?’”

Paul shifted into discussing how different Washington is from the rest of America…

…”…Your government is so broken you can’t fire people who steal from you, and you can’t fire people who lie to you. You can’t fire people who are making up numbers while people are dying waiting in line. So we did pass a law—we had to pass a law to fire the people at the VA.”

“But this is the problem with your government. Your government has gotten so out of control that we’re not in charge,” he said. “The executive branch has become this enormous monster with tentacles into every aspect of your life and we can’t stop it. Even when we vote to stop it, the president continues in a lawless way.”…



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