Rand Paul tells the world what his first act as president would be

Matt Naham

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) traveled up to New Hampshire to visit Generation Opportunity’s chapter there and made some bold remarks after one person in the audience asked whether he’d repeal executive orders if he were elected president…

…Paul spoke to Boyle after the event and reiterated he was serious about lawlessness creeping into the presidency:

I’m very serious that the biggest problem with President Obama is his usurpation of power, destroying the separation of powers and not believing there are any checks and balances and believing that the executive branch can do whatever it wants—and this is exemplified in immigration, Obamacare and more—but really it’s the most seriously destructive thing he’s doing to this country,” Paul said. “While Obamacare’s bad, Dodd-Frank is bad, immigration is bad, the problem is is he’s doing it in an unconstitutional way. You can see how the crowd really understands that. The problem is he’s acting like a legislature.




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