Rand Paul’s ‘crazy salad’ Giving Lefties Uncomfortable Aftertaste

Matt Welch
Reason Magazine

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) continues simultaneously climbing up the GOP totem pole and assaulting the traditional (and traditionally unsatisfactory) left-right spectrum on issues ranging from civil liberties to foreign policy to immigration to criminal justice to industrial hemp. This is both a reflection of libertarianism’s genre-defying principles, and of Paul’s own canny sense of political possibilities…

…Ian Millhiser, Think Progress, “Rand Paul Is Right On Marijuana, And That Should Scare Democrats Into Action“…

…Democrats need to take his effort to outflank them on drug policy very, very seriously. […]

[I]f Democrats cede this issue to the likes of Rand Paul, they will give up a powerful opportunity to engage with young voters — and potentially empower one of America’s most dangerous politicians in the process…

…if you look at the bipartisan list of people who have been screaming themselves purple about the junior senator from Kentucky–Bruni, John McCain, Lawrence O’Donnell, William Kristol, Garrett Epps, Michael Gerson, John Yoo–you quickly detect one important trait in common: They are all reliable apologists for the government exercise of power…


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Update:  From The Washington Free Beacon’s Twitter feed tonight:


Click on the link in the tweet to watch the Senator’s video.

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