Rasmussen: Voters Trust Republicans on Economy

John Hinderaker

The Democrats’ shameless efforts to demagogue the debt crisis don’t seem to be working. Today’s Rasmussen Reports finds that likely voters trust Republicans over Democrats on the economy by ten points, 45-35. Meanwhile, the Gallup Poll has Obama’s approval rating under water at 42-49, within one point of his worst rating ever. Rasmussen’s Approval Index currently stands at an abysmal minus 21, which I believe ties Obama’s worst showing ever. A hefty 44% of likely voters now “strongly disapprove” of Obama’s job performance.

So John Boehner and his fellow Republicans should not let themselves be bullied. The American people are counting on them.

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Hold Fast In the Face of Fear

I’ve gotten lots of calls about compromise this weekend. Senators have called. Congressmen have called. Staffers have called.

I try not to be too committal on these calls because I like to have a bit of time to think.

Here’s my response: don’t compromise. I’ve thought about it. I don’t think you can get any compromise worth supporting because like an alcohol refusing to admit he has a drinking problem, Washington politicians are refusing to admit they have a spending problem. When they cut spending, they do it dishonestly — through accounting tricks and cuts to growth rates, not actual cuts. We can’t send Congress to rehab. We cannot allow yet another Washington deal.

We sent you there to end Obamacare and cut Washington spending. Don’t fail on both fronts, please…

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