‘REAGAN: The Movie’

Reagan The Movie





About the film:

When asked in a recent poll to rate American Presidents, 18% of Americans chose Ronald Wilson Reagan as the best President the nation has ever had, 16% chose John F. Kennedy and 14% selected Abraham Lincoln. Another poll asked Americans to rate their favorite American of all time and 24% chose Ronald Reagan. Although viewed favorably today by large majorities, during his time in office he was a divisive figure, both widely admired and loathed, mocked by one Washington insider as an amiable dunce.

Today, Ronald Reagan transcends politics and has reached iconic status. He is no longer Ronald Reagan, actor-turned-politician, but an American icon, revered by many. REAGAN: The Movie, based on two biographies of Reagan by historian Paul Kengor, The Crusader and God & Ronald Reagan, will take viewers on the journey of a lifetime as they follow the All-American story of the boy from Dixon, Illinois who grew up to be President and changed a nation and the world.



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