Reagan vs the Anti-Reagan on Healthcare

Van Helsing

Ronaldus Maximus warned us about ObamaCare long ago:

The nice thing about being on the side of good is you don’t have to obfuscate and prevaricate. Reagan stood for freedom. Comrade Obama stands for a murky swamp of euphemisms and lies.

Update: From

From now until Election Day, we are pooling everything we have for an all-out effort to take down Jan Schakowsky here in Chicago.  She is currently only leading her opponent Joel Pollak by 18 points, instead of the 40-something she normally leads in re-election bids.  Schakowsky is a terrible Congress critter, and is married to convicted felon Robert Creamer, who wrote Obamacare in prison. [Emphasis CAJ]  She is vulnerable, and scared, and we’re committed to spending 6  hours a day, every day, from now until November 2nd to do all we can to take her down.  Whatever you can throw our way will be added to what we’ve collected amongst ourselves to cover the printing of palm cards, gas and Zip cars to hit Schakowsky’s whole district, and everything else we need to make sure an independent effort is made to ask enough Schakowsky muscle-memory voters why they remain loyal to her so that they just sit home on Election Day and this awful person is booted from Congress. (more…)

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