‘Real unemployed rate rises to 11.01 percent, underemployed to 17.6 percent’

Jeff G.
Protein Wisdom

I know. What’s being reported is that the unemployment rate has fallen yet again (hell, not just a fall, but a “plummet”!) And subsequent reports will likely show unemployment continuing to edge down in the run-up to the 2012 election, creating a picture of an economy on the mend under the steady stewardship of a driven President refusing to be defeated by either the fiscal mess Bush bequeathed him, or the do-nothing Republican Congress that is trying to thwart him, most likely because he’s Black.

And that’s because we have a media who are actively interested in seeing Obama re-elected — so much so that they no longer concern themselves with facts, but rather only with how best to frame facts in the aid of a progressive world view. And if that means massaging the narrative a bit — by, for instance, leaving unmentioned the strange decline in the numbers of Americans (who it would appear at a casual glance must be dying off at a remarkable clip) being counted as part of the potential work force — well, then an activist with the best of intentions acting on his or her patriotic duty to bring the hoary old US Constitution kicking and screaming into the 21st century has gotta do what an activist with the best of intentions acting on his or her patriotic duty to bring the hoary old US Constitution kicking and screaming into the 21st century has gotta do.

Fortunately, some of us know the real story. Unfortunately, the postmodern President and his academic sophists are willing to bet that they can shape perception and create an alternate set of “truths” before the election — and given the way we’ve been conditioned to accept the media as mostly unbiased, and given how we’ve been inculcated with deconstructed and reframed notions of “fairness,” “tolerance,” and the like, they may just be right.

But on the off-chance some erstwhile non-engaged American happens by here, allow me to help…

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Also,  from Protein Wisdom’s comments section:

Here are some charts.

There are times when one questions a report as possibly being wrong or in error, and then there are times when one has to raise a flag and say “This is an intentionally false picture being presented by a government agency.”I’m in the latter camp with this one, and it is rare for me to brand something as not possibly wrong and in error, but intentionally fraudulent.


Related: Rick Santelli Explains a Key Number Behind the Lower 8.3% U.S. Unemployment Rate: “Shrinkage”

“The labor force participation rate, if you look at non-seasonally adjusted, a fresh low going back to April of ’83. If you look at seasonally adjusted, a fresh low participation rate going back to December of ’81. What does that mean in English? Shrinkage. Shrinkage. 1.2 million people are now not considered unemployed anymore. They just have left the system. So, we need to concentrate on the internals. . . . “

Watch the video at the link.

Elaine Chao: Real Unemployment Numbers Are Double

 …Figures out on Friday showed that the unemployment rate had fallen to 8.3 percent from 8.5 percent in January. But the “real unemployment” rate – which includes those who have become so discouraged they are no longer actively seeking work and part-time workers who would like full-time employment is still above 15 percent.

The figures also showed that a whopping 1.2 million people had dropped out of the workforce in one month, leaving the active labor force at 63.7 percent of the population, the lowest in 30 years. When Obama came into power that figure stood at 66.2 percent, figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show.

Chao said the president has to spend more energy on job creation and less on class warfare…

Also, Pelosi challenged: Should you, Reid and Obama take ownership of the economy?

Reid: Senate will not pass a budget this year

Senate Democratic leaders do not plan to propose a budget this year, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters Friday, saying that they had already done so with the debt-ceiling agreement.

“We do not need to bring a budget to the floor this year — it’s done, we don’t need to do it,” Reid said, according to The Hill.

Democrats have said that the agreement reached to raise the debt ceiling set spending for Fiscal Year 2012…[emphasis CAJ]


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