Recording of Romney Comments Could Be Illegal

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18 Sep 2012

The clandestine recording of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney saying that 47 percent of Americans believe they are victims may have broken Florida’s laws against eavesdropping, legal experts say.

Romney made the comments at a private fundraiser in Boca Raton, Fla., on May 17. Florida is a two-party consent state, meaning the state’s rules  require consent from a person being recorded when that person has a reasonable expectation of maintaining his/her privacy, experts tell Politico.

Florida makes it a crime to intercept or record a “wire, oral, or electronic communication” in Florida, unless all parties to the communication consent.

So the question is whether Romney can legitimately claim that expectation, given that fundraising events are designed to influence his supporters and make others aware of his candidacy.

No one has filed a complaint yet, so there is no investigation, Paul Zacks, the chief assistant state attorney for Palm Beach County told the Wall Street Journal.

Zacks warned that although it’s clear the person making the Romney video did not seek the candidate’s consent, Florida courts have ruled that taping without consent is legal if the subject being recorded doesn’t have a “reasonable” expectation of privacy…

The article continues at Newsmax.

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