Regina Roundtree’s initiative moves GOP Connecticut into Urban Areas

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Wayne Dupree

A breath of fresh air!

Regina Roundtree is just that! Roundtree has chosen a path less traveled in the state of Connecticut and it’s meeting with some great results.

She said was drawn to the party based on its positions rather than the individual personalities involved with its politics. She said she hopes that an issues-based approach will resonate in urban communities where Democrats have traditionally had strong support.

“The platform for the party spoke to me. I think what’s happened is we’ve not been able to just come with a simple message of ‘look at the platform, look at what it is. People come and go but the platform remains the same,’” she said.

However, Roundtree said it has been hard for Republicans to establish political clout in the inner cities and trying to establish a network of Black Republicans has been difficult.

“I will say that it is very hard to find Republicans of color in Connecticut. It’s like an underground railroad,” she said.

But by forming her group, Roundtree said she has gotten the state’s Republican Party excited about reaching out to urban communities…

…She is hoping her group can have an impact on statewide races in 2014 like the gubernatorial race as well as elections for other constitutional officers…



The complete article, with video, is at NewsNinja2012.


Also at the site, Connecticut Cities Launch Urban GOP Outreach


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