Religion of Peace™ slaughters, injures non-believers in attack on affluent Nairobi shopping mall

‘We Only Want to Kill Non-Muslims’: Al-Shabab Jihadists Kill 39

Mary Chastain
Big Peace
21 Sep 2013

An upscale mall in Nairobi, Kenya was attacked on Saturday when gunmen threw grenades and opened fire on patrons. At least 25 have been killed and 50 wounded, but those numbers are expected to grow.

The Westgate Mall is located in the affluent Westlands neighborhood and frequently visited by the wealthy and foreign workers, especially on the weekends. It houses many popular stores like Nike and Adidas. Many security agencies listed it as a popular target for terrorists. It is important to note the mall is under Israeli ownership because witnesses told police the gunmen said non-Muslims were their targets…

…The al Qaeda-linked Somali jihadist group al-Shabab have claimed responsibility for the attack on Twitter. Deputy State Department Spokeperson Marie Harf also confirmed that there were Americans among those injured in the attacks.

The death toll now stands at 30 killed and there are reportedly as many as 100 wounded…


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Terrified shoppers huddled in back hallways and prayed they would not be found by the Islamic extremist gunmen lobbing grenades and firing assault rifles inside Nairobi’s top mall Saturday. When the coast was thought to be clear, crying mothers clutching small children and blood-splattered men sprinted out of the four-story mall.

At least 39 people were killed and more than 150 wounded in the assault, Kenya’s president announced on national TV, while disclosing that his close family members were among the dead…

…Foreigners are expected to be among the casualties. There are reports of American citizens injured in the attack but the United States State Department said it had no further details…


Update:  While not directly related to today’s attack, this article is important:  Former Special Forces Commander: Now It’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell for Christians  

…“There was a meeting in San Antonio yesterday [Sept. 17] where 80 members from Lackland Air Force base came and talked about the persecution they are under at Lackland Air Force Base,” said the general.  “That’s significant. And now, you’re an open Christian at your own peril in many places, under many of the commanders in the military today and that’s a major change, a major paradigm shift in our society.”…


Canadian Diplomat Slaughtered in Nariobi Mall Attack



Update 2: Alleged List Of 15 #Westgate Mall Muslim Murderers Has 6 US Citizens, 1 each from UK, Finland, Russia, Sweden, Kenya


Also, Report: International Contingent, Including Americans, Among The Terrorists [unverified]


Report: U.K., U.S. Forces Also Helping At Nairobi Mall


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