Rep. Allen West: ‘Homebuyers will pay for payroll tax deal’

It Makes Sense Blog

Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today after voting no on the extension of the Payroll Tax Cut:

“Americans are exhausted, out of work and many have simply lost hope in the political system. They have been struggling now with nearly five consecutive years of record job stagnation, increased foreclosure rates and an economy that continues to struggle.

All of these reasons are why I cannot in good faith vote for this payroll tax cut deal. It is not that I don’t believe Americans should have relief in their paychecks or be afforded a safety net of unemployment insurance, it is because, unlike some on Capitol Hill, I am looking beyond this election cycle.

I am looking at the ramifications of adding billions of American taxpayer’s dollars to a trillion dollar deficit with no answers as to how or when we will pay for this bill…

The Congressman explains how the “tax holiday” will be subsidized in his statement at It Makes Sense Blog.

Update: Common Cents has a great video of Rep. West, “Democrats have an appetite for slavery” Watch it!

Update 2:  Not quite so awesome: Conyers on payroll tax bill: ‘I did not read the bill before it was voted on’

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