Rep. Allen West: I’d Step Up to Vice-Presidential Plate if Asked to Run

16 Jan 2012

U.S. Rep. Allen West, who generally has deflected suggestions that he could be a vice-presidential candidate, now is saying he would “step up to the plate” if asked.

The freshman Florida Republican and tea party favorite took that swing at pitches from three constituents at a town hall meeting, according to The Palm Beach Post.

In answer to the voters’ written questions at the meeting, West said: “If people come to me and ask me to continue to serve my country in a higher capacity, I’m not going to say no. It would be an incredible privilege and honor. I doubt that I’m on anybody’s list.

“Thank you for asking and if it came to fruition, yeah, I’d step up to the plate,” West said, drawing applause, the Post reported.

West previously had answered the way he did at a recent Boca Raton homeowners meeting, the Post noted.

“If somebody were to ask, I’ve got to pray about it first. I’ve got to talk to Mrs. West and my two little girls about it, and then we’ll make the best decision for our country and also for us as a family,” West said.

He changed that up a bit last week when Boca Raton public relations agent Barry Epstein asked a about the possibility of West’s becoming a vice-presidential candidate on his Internet show, the Post reported.

“I’ve always said that that’s something I’d have to pray about, I’d have to talk to my family about, make sure we make the right decision,” West began. “But if someone asks you to step up and serve your country, I’m not going to turn my back on my country.”

West added: “I’m not going to say no, but I doubt that I’m on anyone’s list for consideration.”

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