Rep. Jan Schakowski Vents Her Contempt for the Constitution

Van Helsing

How does liberal Rep. Jan Schakowski (D-IL) feel about the Constitution she is sworn to uphold? This audio from a radio interview with fellow moonbat Stephanie Miller makes it clear:

The Constitution was explicitly designed to defend the American people from the likes of Schakowski. How could you expect her to be fond of it?

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And now, a rant so absurd that both NewsAlert and The Blaze picked up on it. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, who once argued that government should destroy the private health-insurance market, here laments the radical nature of Republicans with radio host Stephanie Miller. How are Republicans radical and extreme? Well, they quote ancient texts … like the Constitution!   They talk about old heresies … like free people governing themselves!  They’re all “tenthers” because Republicans believe the conspiracy theory that the founders added a mysterious Tenth Amendment to the Bill of Rights, and actually meant something by it!…

Schakowsky has an opponent in her IL-09 district, Joel Pollak, [emphasis CAJ] who has been very active on the Internet.  He gets backing from the Club for Growth for his sensible economic positions, not to mention the fact that the incumbent is a dyed-in-the-wool socialist.  IL-09 is a D+20 district, which means that Pollak has a Sisyphean task ahead of him to unseat Schakowsky but a few more interviews like this and she may do Pollak’s work for him.  I interviewed Pollak at CPAC, so be sure to check out that clip, and also his latest campaign ad featuring Joel’s remarkable wife Julia:

Coming to the US because it promotes freedom and self-governance? Radical!

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