Rep. Ribble: Endlessly growing deficits won’t ‘win the future’

House Budget Committee

Rep. Reid Ribble of Wisconsin holds White House budget director Jack Lew accountable for his own words:

RIBBLE: So we cannot win the future if we’re saddled with increasingly growing deficits, that’s a statement that you would agree with, correct?

LEW: I would definitely agree with that. I wrote it, and I agree with it.

RIBBLE: Then why would the President project a budget that, for the last five years, has deficits of $890 billion, $891 billion, $960 billion, $1.05 trillion, and $1.16 trillion — all growing deficits?

Lew said that the President’s budget would stabilize deficits as a share of the economy — but as other members pointed out, the administration’s economic projections are much more optimistic than consensus forecasts. Lew’s claim is therefore unlikely to hold true.

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But, here’s the thing: The GOP is walking into the trap because they know it’s the right thing to do for America and the gutless cocksucker who’s supposedly our president refuses to lead.

Basically, Obama is going to run a platform of irresponsibility and future disaster because he trusts Americans are so stupid they’ll reward him for it. And of course the problem with this strategy — for us — is that it is 88% likely he’s right.

Do I believe in Americans anymore? Less and less each day that passes. I’m kind of tired of conservatives trumpeting American exceptionalism because America seems in short supply of it. Scratch your average “exceptional America” and you find an ordinary decline-and-decay European soft “I want mine” socialist beneath…

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Does Obama Want the Best for America or Does He Want to Destroy It?, at American Thinker.

Update: How to do spending cuts

Right now, the USA needs adults who are capable of cutting spending in order to save the republic. Children are incapable of cutting budgets. Adults prioritize and cut what is least needed, even when the cuts are painful, because they know that they face ruin if their expenditures exceed their income over the long haul.

As citizens it is our duty to find out if our representatives are adults or children and to replace the children with adults.

Our country currently faces ruin if we do not cut spending. This economic ruin will most impact the poor and the economically vulnerable as well as robbing our children of their future. It does not matter so much which government expenditures are cut as it matters that our spending stops exceeding our revenues…

Update 2: Speaker Boehner: Honor Your Pledge or Resign, NOW!

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