Report: CBS News ‘Frustrated’ With Attkisson’s Benghazi Coverage

Ben Shapiro
Big Journalism
8 May 2013

On Wednesday morning, Politico reported — on the heels of a glowing Washington Post profile of CBS News journalist Sheryl Attkisson, who has covered the Benghazi attacks of September 11, 2012 in detail – that CBS News is unhappy with Attkison. Dylan Byers reports that CBS News “has grown increasingly frustrated with Attkisson’s Benghazi campaign. CBS News executives see Attkisson wading dangerously close to advocacy on the issue, network sources have told POLITICO. Attkisson can’t get some of her stories on the air, and is thus left feeling marginalized and underutilized. That, in part, is why Attkisson is in talks to leave CBS ahead of contract, as POLITICO reported in August.”

Byers called CBS News’ current support of Attkisson “an aberration.”

That’s what happens when you challenge the White House’s lies about Benghazi: CBS News looks to punish you. Journalistic integrity comes at a high price for Attkisson.


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…[Victoria] Toensing’s client will not be able to testify at public or closed-door hearings because he or she has not been able to prepare classified testimony with the aid of a lawyer, Toensing told The Daily Caller.

Toensing, who previously held top-level security clearances while working as a Deputy Attorney General at the Justice Department’s anti-terrorism unit, has asked government officials to update her past clearances to let her work with her client. But the officials initially refused to provide her with the needed forms, she said.

Officials have now provided a 42-page security clearance form, which Toensing filled out and returned, she told TheDC. But the form is only for a basic security clearance, not a “top secret” clearance, she said.

That’s “not sufficient,” she said…


UpdateStephen Colbert mocks FOX News coverage of Benghazi attacks

Also, Dennis Miller: Journalist That Brings Down Obama Over Benghazi ‘Will Be Out of the Game’

…Maybe some guy on the internet will break it eventually. But you realize Woodward and Bernstein became Woodward and Bernstein because what they did to Nixon. The key thing in that equation was Nixon. You had a free rein on him.

You can’t go after this guy. You won’t get Woodward and Bernstein status. You’ll be out of the game. If you’re the one who brings down Barack Obama, you will be out of the game. And if you go after Hillary, who’s going to run the next eight years, you’ll be more out of the game. So, in this case, it’s, you know, it’s not going to happen. The press isn’t going to dig on on this…

Watch the video at the link.

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