Report: EPA Exceeds Its Authority With Proposed Rules

Peter Fricke
The Daily Caller

Congress should use the appropriations process to reassert its authority over the Environmental Protection Agency, according to a Heritage Foundation issue brief released Tuesday.

The report, written by scholar Daren Bakst, identifies three issues on which the EPA has proposed rules and regulations that exceed its authority. In all three cases, Bakst recommends that Congress prohibit the agency from using its funding to implement the proposals.

According to the report, “the EPA is using the regulatory process to require greenhouse gas emission reductions even as Congress has been unwilling to take such drastic actions.” Bakst considers this alarming, because most energy use involves some emissions, meaning the proposed regulations would “touch on almost every facet of Americans’ lives.”…



The article continues at The Daily Caller.


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…“States that mine coal or use it to generate affordable electricity for homes, hospitals and factories are losing jobs, facing widespread power plant closures, and seeing their electricity prices climb higher and higher. The effects on people’s health and welfare grow steadily worse, but are ignored by EPA, which is fixated on “preventing dangerous manmade climate change,” at any cost…



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