Report: 'ISIS Flag' Flying on London Council Estate, Breitbart London Investigates

Raheem Kassam and Andre Walker
Breitbart London
8 Aug 2014

TOWER HAMLETS, London, UK – Yesterday the Guardianreported that the black flag most commonly associated with terrorist organisation ISIS, or the Islamic State, was flying outside an East London council estate. Rajeev Syal reported on the issue from the block of government housing in one of London’s most highly Muslim-populated areas. He wrote:

The flag bears similar writing to the jihadi flags that have been flown by the extremist group in Iraq and other jihadi groups since the 1990s. When the estate was approached last night, a group of about 20 Asian youths swore at Guardian journalists and told them to leave the area immediately. One youth threatened to smash a camera.

When a passerby tried to take a picture of the flag on a phone, one of the gang asked him if he was Jewish. The passerby replied: “Would it make a difference?” The youth said: “Yes, it fucking would.” Asked if the flag was an Isis flag, one local man said: “It is just the flag of Allah.” But another man asked: “So what if it is?”

Breitbart London went to the Will Crooks Estate in Poplar today to investigate…



The article continues at Breitbart London.


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