Report: Karl Rove has been funding Grover Norquist

Thomas Lifson
American Thinker

Students of the GOP establishment take note: new documents revealed by ProPublica, the George Soros-funded “investigative journalism” outfit that supplies free content to media outlets, reveal that Rove’s fundraising behemoth Crossroads GPS supplied $26.4 million of the approximately $31 million Norquist’s outfit, Americans for Tax Reform, spent in 2012.  That’s about 85%.

In the corporate world, if one company owns 85% of another, that company is properly called a subsidiary…

…Norquist’s Wednesday morning breakfast meetings at Americans for Tax Reform remain what John Fund has called “the Grand Central station of the conservative movement,” bringing together leaders of major organizations and political operatives. ATR also offers use of its meeting space in DC to many other conservative groups, building goodwill and influence for the organization and Norquist.

For conservative in flyover country, the news is troubling that the webs of influence are so complicated and centered on Karl Rove’s fundraising.

Hat tip: Mark Levin



Read the entire article at American Thinker.



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